Thursday, 25 August 2011


Do you journal?
What type of journal do you keep?
Is it a traditional written Journal,
A nature Journal,
A prayer Journal,
Gratitude Journal.
sketch Journal,
or do you use drawing as your Journal?
We discussed this last night at our monthly encouragement night.
We also  discussed Blogging as journalling as well. I woud say this is where my ideas are journalled.
I know some of us keep a private blog journal. We could have got absorbed there but Journalling was the topic.
So lets get back to journalling.
I keep a drawing journal. Its a way of journalling I was taught when I took a private retreat some years ago. I was meant to draw a circle and keep the drawing within the circle. Ha! I can't do that, so I have developed my own style. Using scripture and words to represent an event, a struggle or an emotion that comes to mind.
We discussed that journalling is very personal and everyone has such individual styles.
It was suggested to draw and journal with your children as well. Even from a young age. Keeping there thoughts alive and to look back on them in the future.
Bernie ran the discussion and showed us her various hand made journals. Wow. She is such an artist.
I would love to make my own journal.
And, in fact I can see myself doing just that.

There were a couple inspiring sites to view, including A Holy Experience , One Thousand Gifts , Remembrance press  .

It was a very inspiring evening that generated much conversation, much like the teens girls in the other room discussing there own topic.

Hopefully we may see more of you at the next Encouragement night on 21st September.

God Bless,


  1. Last night was great. I felt inspired to keep the journaling going. I might even try to start a prettier one.
    I loved Bernies handmade books. I hope she does do a workshop for us.



  2. OOhhh I'd love to make a journal I could sketch/water colour in and write in. I am inspired to start a journal other than my blog. I really enjoy nature journaling but would like to make it a bit of everything. The shop is on to find a new book for journaling.