Thursday, 24 November 2011

Christmas Party Breakup for 2011

Last evening those who were able met for a special dinner at Cafe P'CINOs at East Maitland. The cafe was lit with an assortment of fairy lights, flowers and had a lovely ambience. Some people chose desserts, some a special cup of tea or coffee and some had entire meals. We were all spoilt once again by Rae our host with special Christmas star shortbread dusted with icing sugar wrapped and tied with a bow, as well as chocolate Christmas pudding chocolates. Unfortunately I neglected to take a camera so I have no real life photo's but trust me it was a lovely place to chat and be served with fine food. For those interested the menu ranged from  $15-$19 for main meals.

The conversation was delightful, happy and meaningful. It was a blessing to see mum's supporting and sharing with each other from their own experiences. We laughed, we dreamed and sometimes asked others opinions. It was a simple celebration of the year gone by, with prayers and hopes for the year to come. We all take different approaches to our home educating lifestyles and there was no judgement. Acceptance for individuality is a wonderful thing and God is a God of variety so it only seems natural that we should all be different.

Keep tuned to the Hunter Home Educators Pro-board for details for next years get-togethers and if you can push past that desire to get into your jammies, slippers & cosy chair/bed at night and make it out to the Mum's Encouragement Nights please do we would love to see you, EVERYONE is welcome and it is worth the 1 1/2 hours a month to meet with others.

Have a wonderful, joyous, peaceful and blessed Christmas for 2011. Hope you are able to hang onto that sense of holiday joy to take into the new year. Blessings to you and all yours.

Warmest wishes, Renelle

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